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To help guard your account against fraud, bankHometown monitors all card-based transactions for suspicious activity. If we detect a transaction that appears to be abnormal, we may disable your card and not allow further purchases. If you are planning to travel and we are aware of your travel plans then we will be less likely to flag the activity as suspicious. To ensure continued access to your card for purchases while you travel, complete the information below in this secure form.

Please note: Debit Card transactions may not be authorized if you are traveling to certain high-risk countries. View the list of restricted areas below this form.

Complete and submit our contact us form:

Debit Card Restricted Areas: Algeria, United Republic of Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire), Jordan, Mozambique, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Angola, Benin, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania, Libya, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, Turkey and Tunisia.