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Online Banking

  1. In some situations, bankHometown may provide an additional level of security and ask you to verify your identity. This is another level of security for your protection.

  2. For login assistance you can call toll free at 888.307.5887.

  3. If you forgot your Password, click on the Reset Password link located on the User ID or Password screen. You will then be asked to enter information to identify yourself and allowed to choose and confirm your new Password.

  4. Quicken® Web Connect
    The Web Connect service is an on demand update for your Quicken® software that is completed by you at your convenience from your bankHometown Online Banking profile. Simply sign in to bankHometown Online Banking to export transactions directly from your account history and import them into your Quicken® software. NOTE: This is the most secure process for maintaining your Quicken® software as you do not have to share your online banking User ID and Password with the Quicken® software.

    Quicken® Direct Connect
    With the Direct Connect service your Quicken® software communicates directly with a connection to your bankHometown Online Banking profile. To establish this service, you will need to initiate a connection process between your Quicken® software and your bankHometown Online Banking profile. Visit for instructions on how to enable this service.

  5. The available balance displayed on your deposit accounts includes your current balance minus any holds. Your available balance displayed does not include savings overdraft, unused reserve credit and assigned overdraft privilege limits. The available balance displayed on your loan accounts is the amount of the funds available for your use.

  6. bankHometown is dedicated to your security. Our Fraud Prevention department monitors your account activity and reviews the activity for suspicious behavior. When leaving the area it is best to notify bankHometown of your travel plans so a note can be made and your Debit card will remain active.  If you will be traveling internationally, or just outside of your normal geographical area, contact us first at 888.307.5887 and we will make sure that your card will work while you travel.

  7. The Account Detail module located in the right side column of the Account Activity page displays information such as the Interest Rate, Previous Year Interest, Year to Date Interest and Last Interest Amount. Simply select the interest bearing account you wish to inquiry upon from the drop down and press search.

  8. To change your account nickname, click on the Manage Account Nickname link under My Accounts or in the Service Center. Select the account you wish to change the nickname for from the Select an Account to Nickname menu and click submit. In the Account Nickname section, click Change. An account Nickname popup window will appear. Input your new nickname and press submit.

  9. The bankHometown Person to Person Account Transfer Service enables you to transfer funds to other individuals with accounts at bankHometown. Once you enter the recipients routing, transit and account number for the individual and account that you are transferring funds to, the destination account will be added to your list of “To Accounts” on the “Make A Transfer” screen.

  10. bankHometown loan payments can be scheduled under the Transfer Funds tab or the Pay My Bills tab. If you use Pay My Bills, simply click on bankHometown Loan Payments from the submenu. By changing the Scheduling Option form immediate to recurring, you can determine the frequency and longevity of your recurring payment.

  11. Transferring funds between your bankHometown accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions is convenient, quick and easy. To get started, you must enter your account information below. Within a few days of submitting this information, two small deposits will be made to your external account. To complete the setup of your external account, return to the Manage External Accounts page and verify the amount of the deposits. Once two deposits are verified, you will receive a secure message telling you to call customer care to confirm the bank to bank transfer.

  12. Go to the Pay My Bills tab and then click “Add a Company or Person” on the “Payment Center” tab to add a Payee. To delete a Payee, from the “Payment Center” tab in bill pay, click on the Payee they want to delete. When the Payee details screen appears, click the “delete” option located under the payee icon on the left hand part of the screen. To edit a Payee, from the “Payment Center” tab in bill pay, click on the Payee you want to edit. When the Payee details screen appears, make the needed edits and click “Save Changes”.

    bankHometown Online now allows users to edit a Payees name, address AND account number, rather than having to set up a new payee.

  13. Manage my Money allows you to monitor your bankHometown accounts. It helps you with organizing and categorizing your spending so you can see where every dime goes and make money decisions you feel good about. It can also assist with establishing savings goals and following your progress so you can stay on track.

  14. Recurring and future-dated transfers/payments display in a Scheduled Transfers module under the Transfer Funds tab. To delete, simply click Delete on the right on the row you wish to stop.

  15. Yes. Simply log into Online Banking, select the Service Center tab and in the "My Profile" area, select Change User ID.

  16. Yes. Simply log into Online Banking, select the Service Center tab and in the "My Profile" area, select Change User ID.

  17. No. For security purposes, your Online User ID and Password must be different.

  18. Simply log into Online Banking, select the Service Center tab and in the "Security Information" area, select Change Security Information.

  19. Under the Service Center tab, you will locate Add or Remove Accounts under the Electronic Services section. Fill in the fields accordingly and press Submit. Your accounts will be added or removed by the next business day.

  20. To gain access to your bankHometown eStatements, go to the eDocuments tab. Click on View Statements to be presented with the Terms & Conditions and the field to confirm what email address you have connected to your statement communications. Once you accept the terms, your eStatements access should be enabled and you’ll receive a monthly e-mail letting you know when your eStatement is available for viewing.

  21. Click here to enter your Debit card number you wish to use, the dates you are traveling and your trip destination. You can also visit the service center in Online Banking to complete this form, or simply call our Customer Care department at 888.307.5887 and we will promptly flag your account.

  22. If you lost, misplaced, or had your bankHometown Debit card stolen or you believe that you have unauthorized card - based transactions posted to your account, you now have the ability to disable your card immediately by simply clicking on the “Deactivate” button for the corresponding card on the Activate/Deactivate my Debit card page. Even better, if you have disabled your card but then subsequently find or retrieve your card, simply click the “Reactivate” button that will appear below to instantly use your card again.

    To do this, visit the Service Center when logged into Online Banking, or the Main Menu on our mobile app to access this feature.

  23. Alerts are located under the Account Services section of the Service Center tab. You can create, change or view you alert history all from this one location. To begin, click Create a New Alert. Select the alert you wish to active and press Add subscription. For explanation of what each alert is, select the link that reads ‘Click here for more detailed information about the Alerts we offer.

  24. Our bankHometown Person to Person Account Transfer Service enables you to transfer funds to other individuals with accounts at bankHometown.

    Our Bank to Bank Transfer service enables you to transfer funds to or from your accounts at another financial institution.

  25. Under the Service Center tab, click the Quicken/QuickBooks link under the Electronic Services section. On this page, simply click the enroll button.

  26. Contact bankHometown Customer Care toll free at 888.307.5887.

  27. To the right of each transaction displayed on the Account Activity page is a question mark that serves as a link to send a secure inquiry to bankHometown regarding the transaction in question. A transaction inquiry box will open displaying the account, transaction, transaction date, and amount. A message box in included where you can detail your question. A bankHometown Customer Care member will review and respond to your message accordingly. A response to a transaction inquiry will be seen in your secure messages when you login to online banking. When you initiate your inquiry, you can choose to be notified via the email address you provided when a response is received.

  28. If you do not recognize security questions or answers, DO NOT enter your Password and call toll free at 888.307.5887.

  29. In order to protect your account information from unauthorized users, we allow only a certain number of failed attempts for entering your Password and Online User ID and security questions. If you exceed these attempts, your account access will be locked. If you have been locked out of your online banking call toll free at 888.307.5887.

  30. There are several reasons a transfer might fail. Generally transfers will fail due to insufficient funds in the Account you are trying to transfer from. If funds are available call toll free at 888.307.5887.

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