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Card Manager

  1. You can access Card Manager from within the bankHometown Mobile Banking app.

    To access Card Manager from within your bankHometown Mobile Banking app:

    Once you are signed into your Mobile Banking account, use the slide out menu located on the top left to access the menu.

    1. Click on Card Manager
    2. Click the button to launch the Card Manager app

    If you have already installed the Card Manager app, you can click on the app directly to open it. Please note, the Card Manager app requires biometric login to access without the Mobile Banking app.  Make sure this feature is enabled on your mobile device and the Card Manager app. To enable biometric login on the Card Manager app, click on settings and toggle the option to on.

  2. From the Manage Cards Control Menu, select “Manage Spending.” Toggle on next to “Set limit per transaction” and enter the amount next to “Deny transactions exceeding”. If you wish to change the amount, simply enter a new amount. If you wish to turn off spend limit controls, simply toggle the “Set limit per transaction” off.

  3. From the Manage Cards Control Menu, select “Locations” to control where a card is used by either choosing to block international transactions or specifying a location radius where transactions are allowed. Location limits apply only to in-store transactions. E-commerce transactions will not be declined even when a location limit is activated. To set a radius location limit, simply enter an address and choose the radius size around the address. In-store transactions attempted outside the set radius will be declined. Location limits can be disabled or changed at any time.

  4. From the Manage Cards Control Menu, select “Merchants”. Toggle on next to “Enable Merchant Controls” to set the merchant limits. Then, select the merchant type from the list of merchants. Click on the desired merchant, and toggle on.

    You can choose to allow certain cards to be used only for specific types of merchants. For example, a card could be designated for use only at gas stations – and all other merchant types could be blocked for that specific card. These limits apply to online ecommerce transactions as well as in-store transactions.

  5. Click on “Alerts & Controls” then click “Manage Card Alerts”. Choose to set alerts for all transactions, or customize the alerts you receive. To set alerts for all transactions, simply click “Send me alerts for all transactions”. To customize alerts, click “Let me customize my alerts”. Then, click on the types of alerts from the list you would like to receive, including locations, spend limit, merchant types, or transaction types. An alert is active if it says “ON” next to it.  

  6. You can call our Customer Care team at 888.307.5887 and they can assist you.

  7. Yes! To lock your debit card, simply click “Lock Card” on the main screen of the Card Manager app. To unlock your debit card, click the “Unlock Card” icon on the main screen.

  8. Yes! You can use transaction controls for merchant codes, locations, transaction types, and thresholds to ensure employee spending adheres to company policies. For example, you can set controls to allow a card to be used to pick up office supplies, but not for personal purchases.

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